Copy Editing Services

Katy.jpgKaty Schumpert

In a day when publishing is as easy as pecking out a tweet or setting up a blog, creating a polished manuscript is more important than ever to help a serious author or customer-oriented company stand out from the crowd. Katy Schumpert is a freelance copyeditor with a passion for bringing enhanced clarity and effectiveness to written communication, without sacrificing the author’s unique voice.

Katy’s love of language began in childhood, when she spent every spare minute reading. She also found that she enjoyed learning grammar and diagramming sentences. Katy completed her B.A. in English at Newberry College in 2012, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. Since then, she has enjoyed doing editing projects for friends and is now transitioning to a full-time career in copyediting. Whether you or your company simply needs someone on call to review short documents, or you have completed a preliminary draft of a book that you are hoping to publish, Katy would be honored to serve as your copyeditor.